Quality is the top priority of our weaving craft.

We are masters of our craft! Quality is not only a hastily uttered expression but the perceptible result of our passion, weaving artistry and competence in material.
Since the foundation of the company in 1884 we are not tiring in measuring ourselves on  our own demands of quality.

Having more than 100 years of perfectionated weaving technique under our belt we are producing avant-garde designs for the modern as well as for the classic Zeitgeist of today. Due to a very gentle dying process and a sensitive way of roughing up the material with natural thistles we are able to produce valuable and perceptible soft fabrics that will unfold their special feel- good factor even after years and years of wearing them.

“Everybody who already took a tour through our old manufactory knows what it means to transport handed down values in keeping with the times to modern age”. True quality for us is not a coincidence but the value foundation of our creation.”

Sabine Weidner-Dietel