From generation to generation – our little success story.


Foundation of a Weaving Mill by Heinrich Hohenberger in the lower Marienstreet in Hof.


Construction of the office buildings in Schuetzenstreet 6.


Takeover of the company by Hans A. Roedel and Adam Weidner


Change of name of the company to Heinrich Hohenberger Successors OHG


Switch from hand loom production to mechanized production.


Incorporation the new managing directors Gottfried Hohenberger and Werner Weidner


Renovation and Expanding of the office building in Schuetzenstreet.


Exclusion (spin- off) of the production and sales departments into the newly founded company Weberei Hohenberger GmbH.


Management take-over by Thomas Hohenberger and Sabine Weidner-Dietel

Onto new paths with the knowledge of our predecessors!

To have one’s finger on the pulse of times but tightly connected to tradition is the message that our family business stands for since over a century producing fabrics of the highest quality with a top level of fashion avant-garde made in Upper Franconia. 1884 founded by Heinrich Hohenberger and expanded during the years due to an increased demand, the headquarters are located since 1890 in Schuetzenstreet 3 in Hof.