Over a 125 years experience, know-how and passion for a product beyond comparison.

The manufacturing company Hohenberger is a symbol for exclusive Cashmere scarves as well as the finest variations in plaids and blankets .Being a small medium sized !!and therefore extremely flexible and versatile company we are developing weaving products of the highest quality since 1884. We are also a reliable partner for you concerning custom editions or branding.We welcome you on the following pages to be our ‘virtual guest’ at Weberei Hohenberger giving you !! an opportunity to get to know us a little better by offering  you a small insight  into our traditional family owned  and run business.


“ A scarf is never only a scarf !  In order to create something beyond comparison, we bring a lot of heart, creativity and several decades of matured experience to bear.It is always our goal that you can discover our competency, our own high regard in respect to our products – our own identity-  in every single textile variation we create."

Thomas Hohenberger